Pocket Field Guide

pocket field guide
Pocket Field Guide

The Field Guide to Plants and Wildlife of Fallbrook and San Diego is a pocket field guide of plants, animals and birds that exist in San Diego County and specific to Fallbrook. The field guide was designed and produced by the Fallbrook Trails Council. The guide is laminated and folds to fit in a pocket (3.5″ x 8.5″).

A special feature of this guide is that it is a work of art as well as a useful guide, as the illustrations have been provided by local artists Gamini Ratnavira, Toni Inman and Kathleen Sofia Gee. The guide includes a trail map of the Santa Margarita River trail as well.

There are seven panels on each side, one for butterflies; five for trees, shrubs, vines and wildflowers; three for birds; two for mammals and reptiles; one for a map of the Santa Margarita River public trails; one for the cover; and one for information about Santa Margarita River Organizations and artist information.

The birds and mammals in the field guide were drawn by Gamini were to scale seen in the field guide. The flowers and butterflies done by Kathleen and Toni are reductions.  This project was developed over a 6 month period of time to capture the most prevalent species one would hopefully see while hiking throughout North County San Diego. Joe Comella, Tom Chester, and Lisa Ale were responsible for using their collective contributions to develop a final product which has been enjoyed by thousands as they traverse our rich riparian habitats throughout North County San Diego.

The Pocket Field guide will fit into your pocket as its dimensions are 8 x 3 inches, fitting nicely into a shirt or pant pocket.  Every panel in the pocket field guide is laminated and friendly to washable or dry erase markers.  This way while hiking, you can mark off each organism you see. There are 5 panels of trees, shrubbery and flowers, 1 panel of butterflies, 3 panels of common seen birds, 1 panel of mammals, and 1 panel of amphibians and reptiles.  There is also a map on one panel showing ingress and egress points into the Santa Margarita water shed for hiking, equestrian, and non-motorized cycling.

Tom Chester created a site which gives additional information about the different organisms and advice on taxonomic keys to identifying specific plants as well as listing the common and scientific names of all organisms found in the field guide.  Click on http://tchester.org/fb/lists/flc_guide.html to access the site.

By clicking on the Native American Usage link supplied by Elizabeth Yamaguchi you can see exactly how the native Americans used the different plants, for clothing, food, medicines, etc.  A key is also provided to distinguish between the different willow plants found throughout this riparian watershed.

Our suggestion to you is purchase one of these field guides.  This way, when you are hiking about or just in your backyard you will have a closer touch and enjoyment with nature.

The pocket field guide is available for sale at the Chamber of Commerce, Fallbrook Fertilizer, Grangetto’s or by sending a check payable to Fallbrook Trails Council for $11.00 to:

Joe Comella
974 Via Hillview
Fallbrook, Ca 92028